Our Mission

Helping Those in Need

The Mercy Project seeks to open the hearts and minds of our community to the growing problem of modern day slavery. We strive to free the chains of those unjustly enslaved and will accomplish this with educational outreach, anti-slavery partnerships, financial contributions, and direct service to victims. We are dedicated to ending one of the greatest human tragedies of our time.

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Sponsor A Child

You Can Make A Difference

When you sponsor a child you are providing food, clothing, school materials and tuition for that child. You are also giving your sponsored child the gift of hope by changing their future. You are able to communicate with your sponsored child through letters and gifts and one day you may decide to join us on a trip to India to meet your child.

These children need your love and support to be free from the life of poverty and prostitution that they were born into.

The Kids

I am in 7th grade and my mom was a sex worker who died of HIV in 2012. I enjoy living at the Home of Home because I receive all the love, care, friendship, and security that I could ever ask for. -Renuka Shivaji Gadade, 12 years old

The man in charge of my mother tried to kill me. I was scared so I ran, leaving my brother and sisters behind because they were so young. The HOH has rescued me and Pastor Timothy saved my siblings. Thank you for sponsoring us. -Ashwini Hanmanth Mane, 11 years old

“Thank you so much for sponsoring me. My sisters and I appreciate your help. -Pooja Kamble, 7 years old

I like to color and play. Thank you for crayons, stickers and singing with me.” -Pooja Morman, 4 years old

I was brought to the Home of Hope when I was 6 because my mother was a commercial sex worker and died of HIV. I came to know the Lord and am now the first HOH child to attend college.” -Saubhangi Ranesh Naik, 19 years old

“My mother was a commercial sex worker. With your intervention I have received beautician training and the materials to run a parlor. I have since opened a saloon in my house and teach the other women in my community. -Asha Sangappa Kamble

I came to the Home of Hope when I was very little. I have made a lot of friends. I am living at the boy’s home now and it is so fun.” -Prashant Savita Kamble, 6 years old

I was a Devdasi (Temple prostitute) in the Miraj red-light district. I have been taught how to sew bags, quilts & scarfs. I bought my freedom back and am working as a tailoring teacher. This opportunity has given me a new dignified identity. -Madhavi Vilas Kamble

“When we pray to Jesus he listens and saves us from being lonely. I want to be a pastor one day and hope I can go to college. Thank you for praying for me. -Kishori Navendra Kamble, 10 years old

I love my sponsor. I have HIV/AIDS and get my medicine because of her. Thank you. -Poonam Prahbu Pawar, 12 years old

My job was to pick up bottles off the street so my mother’s pimp could fill them with wine and sell them. I am happy to be away from him. Thank you.” -Akash Hanmanth Mane, 5 years old